irritation to revelation

journal 1/9/11 part 4

Somewhere I dared to lay down my ideas, culture, and control.
I found HIM ready and willing to give me peace, joy, and hope.

The darkness did not disappear as I wanted but in new ways it revealed even more of who I was really meant to be.

Like that pearl…I had to have irritations before I could become the real treasure of the King. Only through the remolding heat would I be transformed into a work of art and dare to let His reflection show.

Oh the joy Lord of putting words here. Thank you that you fill me with goodness. Lead me Lord. Lead me in all ways. Lead me with art, with words, with worship that I would share the joy you’ve given. Let me be clay in your hands.

Going over journals or past blog posts, we can be amazed anew at our transformation as God works both in and through us.


4 thoughts on “irritation to revelation

  1. That’s a whole lot to lay down and a whole lot to pick up! I’m very glad to have met you here. I’ll be following your journey with an eager heart.

    • So happy to get to know you too Debbie. I wish I had more time since there are even more wonderful people in blog world. I look forward to SHARING our journeys. Peace!

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