with all your….

Several months ago while worshiping before prayer group, Martin asked, What would it look like if we were showing God that we loved HIM with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength?

It stuck.

If we were showing the awe and wonder Christ makes us feel – would we be sitting, face down on the floor, dancing in circles, or standing with our hands in our pockets?

What kind of pictures come to your mind?

I would call it abandon
Verb: Give up completely (a course of action, a practice, or a way of thinking).
Noun: Complete lack of inhibition or restraint.

In public, its not an easy thing. But try it at home – let go – let God see ALL of your praise and worship.

I felt transported again last week worshiping at home. Top of my lungs, tears of awe, I could not stand in one place. Indescribable treasures that cannot be taken away! I want more – even if I scare the cats!

4 thoughts on “with all your….

  1. Linda Aronson says:

    AMEN HALLELUJAH! I am one to worship without restraint, I can’t help it. I used to be one that did not do this, but the more I do it, the more I want to do it. Now I can hardly sing without doing it—in public or not, I want to show my God how much I love to praise Him. I don’t really care any more who sees me and thinks I’m a little weird, I NEED to WANT to.

  2. Richard L Rice says:

    i always think of a child at play. Sometimes children play quietly and solemnly. Other times there is vigor and excitement accompanied by noise.

    The Jewish people were very good at showing their praise through singing, dancing, weeping and wailing, yet God pronounced their activity as being “far from Me.” Outward activity can be deceptive.

    He’s looking for people who worship in “spirit and in truth”, more interested in our heart attitude than our posture; but sometimes our posture can express what’s going on inside of us. Abandon self to be enveloped by Him.

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