Can you tell I like to think positively?

Some days it seems difficult to keep hope alive – to envision good things for myself so I go back to God’s Word.

He knows the plans He has for me…
He goes to prepare a place for me…
He gave His life for me…
He sent His Counselor for me…
He comforts me…
He says I WILL overcome…
He walks with me…He talks with me…He tells me I am His own…

HE does all those things for you too.
Are you letting Him do His part of it?

I stand in awe of His creation – earth, heavens, animals, bugs, people…babies….a big AWWWWWW for ALL that displays His creative genius and that He does know what He’s doing.

So today I am again choosing to be positive and take assurance that He will work all things out for good because I know that I (and you) am called and He is faithful!

See you next week…my garden is calling.
Butterfly photos were taken at Frederik Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids, MI.


7 thoughts on “positively

    • Psalm 63:8 is beautiful…. ” I hold on to you for dear life, and you hold me steady as a post.” His word…a lamp, life, breath – HOPE. Bless you Jeanne.

    • It was overload like moving can be. Excitement for growth & new (wood chips finally) but my body is in a little rebellion. Pray your new community bonds and blesses well!

  1. At the time I read this two of our employees (also grads) were in front of me talking about their heavy schedules. I read them the last paragraph and told them these are the kinds of things I put in front of myself. God’s timing – always right.

    • I do wish there was a bit more variety year to year. They had monarchs in the entry garden before the greenhouse. I remember those caterpillars from youth but never see them anymore. He makes all things new!!

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