the beauty of obedience

Rain, blooms, heat in March?

We could blame pollution but maybe its answered prayer for a shorter winter.

I recently shared with someone that just after getting this house eight years ago…God asked me if I would give it up.

I was weaving…tears pouring and said, “What? I just got it?”

My first home but YES – I told Him, it was His.

I think how Moses, Jesus and others did question God’s plan – but they were agreeable to whatever His will would be.

Thank You Lord for the beauty I have found here.

Thank You for allowing me to create in this space and find more of You.

Thank You for the vision of a pergola, meeting Pastor John who designed and great neighbors who joined to build it.

Thank You for these fuzz shedding cats who enjoy this space too.

Thank You so much Lord for letting me know that even though circumstances said I would lose this home – You told me I would not and I didn’t.

Thank You Lord for the beauty I know is yet to come…

It’s in the giving that we receive…I give thanks!


7 thoughts on “the beauty of obedience

    • the garden season just begins – 2 months early but I’m digging it! I’ve changed rooms to this view again…its been a few years since I was in here regularly. birds are collecting from the gardens for their nests…it’s beautiful to watch.

      • I’m slightly jealous. In Memphis we had more of a variety of birds. Henry found a nest with beautiful blue eggs in it one day while trimming some high shrubs. I grabbed the camera but don’t think I still have the photo. A sense of lively peace during spring.

    • God made all things work out for the good with what seemed like a bad situation for Mary. I’m so glad I got to meet you in person Kristine! You are a blessing!

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