what is heaven to you

A little faith will bring your soul to heaven, but a lot of faith will bring heaven to your soul. ~Author Unknown

The past few days have contained extra slices of heaven.

Great laughter, extra hugs, prayers, worship, my own garden salad, and painting. Ahhhhhhhh……beautiful moments.

Maybe some of that was knowing I some time away from the office… Do you think there are office jobs in heaven? I’d prefer the landscaping dept!

I don’t think TV, radio, or internet will be needed. I imagine we have our own beautiful music and it won’t be all one style. As a kid I did not want heaven if I had to sing hymns….ick. I do feel a bit differently now.

Wind, rain, snow? We all have such different ideas of what our heaven will hold. My 80 degree preference would be distress for some.

This made me wonder what kind of images you have of heaven?

Care to share?

6 thoughts on “what is heaven to you

  1. What an intriguing question you posed. I’m sorry no one has offered their idea. I’m not really sure but tend to think like you. Would it be heaven for me if it were filled with country music and the smell of gardenia’s? NO. Of course I do think I won’t have all the scent sensitivities in heaven I have with this earthly body. Did you read The Shack? What an interesting book.

    • I read that while traveling in Oregon…the day I finished it I was surprised to find a restaurant called The Shack at the bottom of a mountain.

      The Bible talks of the streets of gold but on earth we all have different ideas of heaven.

  2. For me, the greatest thought of Heaven is that it is a place where I’ll be forever with Jesus in nothing but perfect love.

    Is it possible to just exist on the presence of God and His love? Hmmmmmmm . . .

  3. I may be the only one who feels this way–and I realize that I probably worship in a different milieu than most readers of this blog–but I feel compelled to say something. Before reading The Shack, or perhaps rather than reading The Shack, I would read the early Church theologians. You can find everything in their writings. These theologians wrote before the historical split between East and West, so their writings are applicable to all religions.

    I am not trying to evangelize anyone–because I do not care what ‘religion’ anyone is. But, life is short. There is not enough time to read everything. If you want a deeper understanding of the Holy Trinity, or Heaven, then turn to those who led lives of holiness and who never made any money from publishing books. I say this in a spirit of love as we all journey toward an ultimate destination. Let us be grounded in basic truth, as well as in love.

    • Thank you Melanie for sharing. I know you have a passion for history and share wonderful choices from the writers you mention. The stories of Jesus in past and present will never be fully documented but thankfully He continues to bring life and inspiration. Peace to you.

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