hate to admit

I do have flaws….

I hate to admit I am sick.

I hate to admit I am having a bad day.

I hate to admit I need help.


I do admit – but I just don’t like to. I do understand pain and discomfort. I do understand disappointment and frustration. I do understand limitations and my cats are not much help…unless you need some soft fur.

I choose to focus on God’s goodness, His promises and heavenly possibilities!


Today Lord – I need your strength again,  your joy again, your healing again.


I will never hate to admit that I need You Lord!





9 thoughts on “hate to admit

  1. I don’t like to admit I need help either. I’m learning it a little from those we work with. Interesting who we learn from, isn’t it? Thanks for those admissions Jude. They make you real, like the rest of us 🙂

    • Oh yes! I learned from Haitians…there is much to celebrate even when life is grim. Admitting flaws are easy….these ones are a tough pill to swallow!

  2. Prayers for your day, Judi
    We hate to admit our faults, me included, but the Lord knows our heart and loves us anyway!
    Great news on bad days
    God Bless

      • Hi Judi
        Yes, the move went well and we finally have everything here at the house – (we call it the ranch)
        Now we just have to find a place for everything
        Thanks for thinking of us
        God Bless

  3. This is one of the great and perplexing dualities of life…. walking with God, and still facing pain and challenges. Somehow, we seem to have adopted the mistaken notion that life would be pain-free and problem-free… at least I did. Yet this is not how even Jesus nor the old testament prophets lived. Nor David, ‘a man after God’s own heart’. So how, I wonder, did we ever get the mistaken notion that we would? I wonder.

    I am glad that God gives us the gift of surrender. We can surrender our pain, frustrations, failures. Maybe this process is one way our relationship can remain vibrant and powerful. Is it not when life feels carefree and pain-free that we often forget God?

    • So very true Chaz. I did think all was supposed to be rosy and great growing up – before Jesus. Finally surrendering to Him in some really tough times showed me that even more would come BUT so would greater things!!! I will praise Him in the storms – HE IS the best anchor. I still struggle with what is worth suffering for but know His plan is for “good” – not necessarily rosy! Thanks for your thoughts.

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