rediscovering God’s dreams


Yes…before you were born He had a plan for you. You were given all kinds of choices along the way but underneath all those opportunities, He planted a dream in your heart. Do you remember it?

Please share if you would like…

In 2009, I wrote a five week workshop on this and I’m doing some rewrites.

This was my intro –

So often we focus on day to day survival, duty, or settle and say we are content, leaving our dreams and passions buried or lurking in the shadows.
Is that really how God asks us to live?

This presentation will share some tools and fun questions that will help bring God’s dreams for our lives back to the forefront of our thinking. He knew what He was doing when He knit us together! He knows the plans that will bring us a great future filled with hope.

Topics –
Listening to God
Finding Your Passions
Day Dreaming
Stumbling Blocks
Jumping In

We will be doing a bit of soul searching, a lot of discovery, and challenging ourselves to take God at His word and press on toward Him. He tells us to be like children, curious, filled with wonder, daring, and dreaming. No age limits to this thinking, let all of us come like children and be renewed!

Philippians 3 will be a major part of the overall focus.

I might be a bit scattered the next weeks as I edit this and will probably share some spots too.


7 thoughts on “rediscovering God’s dreams

  1. Love the sunflower painting. And your workshop intro sounds like a great time of discovery and dreaming. Looking forward to hearing more.

  2. I Love the sunflower painting – beautiful
    I also love this idea of investigating our memories to find where God wants and needs us “to be”
    Thank you – this is coming at the perfect time in my life
    God Bless you throught this journey

  3. Judi, this comes at a perfect time for me also. My dream has always been to write. I am doing so to some degree with my blogging, but still struggle with finding the time to finish my manuscript. I have begun to question if I am supposed to finish it. I have been thinking for some time about my dreams and whether they are His will. I think it is time for me to rediscover His dreams for me too.

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