weaknesses as strengths


I don’t think I could say my weakness for milk chocolate is a strength… maybe if it were dark chocolate I could twist the story for good.

From my workshop a little story I share –

I ran into my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Wickerham, at the mall about 10 years ago.

She said, “I’ve had lots of students, remind me who you are.”

I mentioned my brother and sister and she said, “Yes, I remember you. I remember thinking if I didn’t make it to school one day, that would be fine, Judi would teach the class!”

I took that as a great compliment all of those years later…also as an affirmation of what I enjoy doing.

When I shared that with my mom, she said, “Yeah, I know, that was the problem.”

I can see how I was shaped by gram’s and mom’s know it all type of thinking and I was a “know it all” type of kid…I didn’t want to follow, I wanted to control… Thankfully I’ve been transformed from being a know it all to more of a guide.

In 2011 Mrs. Wickerham found me on facebook and asked me to be her friend. We’ve had some great conversations and the above story was used again.

–Mom and I have talked about how family has shaped both of us for good and bad. When you recognize it – its much easier to deal with.

–Strengths and weaknesses are not always easily seen and should be looked at from different angles. Ask someone what they see.


4 thoughts on “weaknesses as strengths

  1. Now that’s a thought,
    “Strengths and weaknesses are not always easily seen and should be looked at from different angles. Ask someone what they see.”
    I was always the kids sat at the back of class terrified I might have to talk, or even worse read outloud. Blogging is one massive challenge for me. I don’t think I’ll ask my readers I might never blog again…hehe
    Enjoyed the post, thank you for being you.
    Love and hugs my friend. Lisa. xx 🙂

    • Some wonderful artists showed me how to take critique. Not criticism. God has given lots of constructive challenges too.

      YOU ARE a person of caring and honesty. strengths
      You don’t see yourself as God sees you. weakness
      You are made in His image sister – truth!

      Strengths and weaknesses do not have to hurt.
      love and hugs to you sweet sister!

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