over abundance

How can you be over blessed?

Let me count the ways….

Worship – a variety of wonderful voices and musicians – loud but filling

Paintings – ahhhhh goodies galore! One was Daniel Arrendondo who brought his “Shepherds” and more to display at the conference. This was one of my favorites.


Drama – willing (even if shaking) actors/actresses – great job!

Writers – poetry, prophecy, praise….what beauty!!

Film – funny, faith and fellowship – how I needed that laughter!

Healing – You are still at work in wonderful ways Jesus!

Amazing weekend with creatives who love to share their faith, prayers, voice and hope in Jesus through all these medias and more. About 20 different states were present and many of us talked about how much there was to process….in a very good way!!

Thank you Lord for bringing this together and using so many gifted people to fill a joyous weekend. I am praying for how You will activate this learning in each of our lives and as we reach out in our communities and our churches. To YOU be all the glory!!!


4 thoughts on “over abundance

  1. Susie @ SPTP2011 says:

    How I agree with you! once we give God the Glory we will be filled to Over-Flowing Abundance
    So glad you have a wonderful weekend sharing with God’s talented people
    God Bless

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