whats next

This week is my last at Good Samaritan Ministries. I’ve been there a year doing “communications” and enjoying the rich fellowship with co-workers and community. I knew when I started it wasn’t where I would land and I’m excited for what is coming.

You ask what is next?

So do I!!!

Someone asked me to kind of draw it out. Ummmm….

It looks like a garden – Seeds have been planted. There are seven or more sprouts. Some have more leaves and are further along but I don’t know which plant(s) will bring the fruit. Are all plants needed or are there more?

Many of the speakers at the Creative Church conference actually brought some of the different seeds together as if it were a fruit salad. I like that idea.

My question to you – what do you see me doing?

I have asked that of a few friends and it interesting that they named a few of those seeds…maybe you will help me see more clearly.

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17


11 thoughts on “whats next

  1. Direction comes in God’s time…when its time, you will know. Interesting words coming from someone who doesn’t have a clue what God wants hime to do. You are a breath of fresh air, Judy.

  2. Hi Judi
    The Lord has some unique ways of watering His “seeds”
    Wait on Him
    I agree with Heidi – being in HIS hands is the best situation of all
    I’ll keep you in my prayers

    • Remember several years ago “In His Grip” on so many things…maybe it was just in our area. We’ll see what the sprouts say. Thank you Susie…prayers for your new homestead continue.

      • Oh thank you, Judi
        I read another blog about Ministry on the mexican borders and the pastor always signs his name with In His Grip
        I just love that phrase
        Keep sprouting!

  3. I think you should move to Nova Scotia, marry the first man you see off the plane, and become a plumber.

    Seriously, God gives us gifts, talents, passions and dreams for a reason. Those are the things we should pursue. You’ll never be fulfilled, nor ultimately fulfill His purpose, working a “job.” I know your heart is to serve Him in whatever He sets before you. Wait on Him, yes, but if He’s already spoken to you in your dreams and visions, gifts, talents and passions, find a way follow them.

    Whether or not you hop a plane for eastern Canada, I know God will be with you!

    • I never did reply here dear friend but you brought such laughter to my soul!! I’ve waited this long, I don’t think I would be that rash in any decision. Determined yes – I know there are many seeds waiting to blossom in me and in others around me. So here is to His glorious garden!

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