Fabulous words from the Wordsmith’s Desk…

Wordsmith's Desk

The creation began to think

he knew more than the Creator.

He began to believe

his plans were better…

his goals higher…

his thoughts loftier…

his ways truer.

The creation began to believe

he was the creator.

He began to worship self.

Everything he did

or would ever do

was for self.

Self was his god.

Self was his all.

Self became his master…

and the rest is chaos.


Copyright © 2012 LeRoy Dean All Rights Reserved

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  1. I had to see the end. Such a good piece. Thanks for reblogging this.

    No kidding! Guilty as charged here. Thank you for the graphic reminder. Everywhere I turn God is showing me this same thing. Ouch. It’s a good ouch, though. I’m listening.

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