try again

How many times today did you cut yourself down. Maybe saying, “Oh that was dumb” or repeating in your mind what someone said like you’re fat, lazy or irresponsible.

Do you ever create those phrases from a conversation even though they were never said?

I did a few days ago and they keep trying to repeat in my head. We can all be hard on ourselves.

Others might love what we say, create, and do and yet we are disappointed so we don’t receive their compliment.

Why are we so filled with self-defeat instead of celebration?

Find the good points to your life, relationships and creations. Celebrate them. Repent for agreeing with lies and fill yourself again with God’s truth.

You ARE fearfully and wonderfully made.
You ARE a child of God.
You ARE redeemed and forgiven.
You ARE complete in Christ.
You ARE established, anointed and sealed by God.
You ARE a minister of reconciliation for God.
You ARE able to approach God with freedom and confidence.

So take those good parts and share them with others!!


14 thoughts on “try again

  1. This encourages me to do a small study with my teens about self-talk when we get back into homeschooling this fall. That’s when I have a captive audience. I guess I must be doing okay at it, since they want to continue homeschooling. There, I practiced some positive self-talk. ” I can do all things…”

    • Grand idea Wendy! I’m glad they are affirming you. Homeschooling takes a lot. I know several who do it. Our words have such impact – even to ourselves!

      • Hello
        Yes, we have been watching the weather since we have so many friends and relatives across the US
        We are hot too but cooled down and now back to the heat again
        Stay cool
        God Bless

  2. Beautifully painted, my friend!
    I’m not particularly given to self deprecation (unless I’m just being funny) but I have to say, reading your list of You ARE’s gave me a pleasantly plump head! 😉
    So ARE you!

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