test the teacher

With the Feast already half over, Jesus showed up in the Temple, teaching. The Jews were impressed, but puzzled: “How does he know so much without being schooled?”

Jesus said, “I didn’t make this up. What I teach comes from the One who sent me. Anyone who wants to do his will can test this teaching and know whether it’s from God or whether I’m making it up. A person making things up tries to make himself look good. But someone trying to honor the one who sent him sticks to the facts and doesn’t tamper with reality. John 7:14-18

Do you think formal education is where you learn the most?
How often are you testing someone’s teaching?
What were some of your strangest classrooms?

I’m finding God stories are usually bizarre stories. Not all happy yet filled with His goodness.

Dear Lord – I pray today for those that are seeking to do Your will. That they understand the ways to test and know Your faithfulness to complete what You have begun! For those You call to further education God – may You bring them experiences that speak louder than their books.


4 thoughts on “test the teacher

  1. I find that I learn the best when I am teaching on a subject in our home school. To teach is to learn. ~Wendy P.S. I am going to have my children teach me some lessons in science this fall so that they can experience this as well. I’ll give them the choice of topic…

    • It does help to cement things in our brain when we repeat, reword and share. Also a great way to get more comfortable with speaking on topics. Great work Wendy!

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