the lady who paints

I guess I have a new name at church. This week I didn’t paint.

Pastor had an idea for chalkboards. I’ve collected names of other creatives so five us us were creating on separate chalkboards during worship.

One was a woman with her cane and left arm in a sling. I met Irene when she came in, she had no idea I painted during worship but saw the chalk and told me she was an artist. I invited her to join us. After music had started she came up to me and asked if she still could. There was one left so she sat and held the chalkboard in her lap and created. (No pics yet sorry.)

While greeting others, it was cute to see her knuckle bumps to others saying, “My hand is chalky.” I believe it made her experience even more joyful.

Fruit – we never know where He will bring it.


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