loss of memory

I’m a little nervous.

I’m using a recovery disc to set my regular computer back to factory and hoping I can reimport data. I may not get back the checkbook, address book, email files or five years of Haiti conversations.

Then I wonder, “How important is any of it?”

Last night was a memorial service for a Zambian pastor who lost his life in an auto accident. His name may not be remembered but what he has done by living as Jesus did – that will continue to change generations to come.

Thank you Heavenly Father for the life of Richman. For the love he had for You and shared with so many. Surround his family and friends with peace and comfort. May their wonderful memories show Your clear message of joy and hope.

Keep sharing your song Richman!
Your work will live on!



2 thoughts on “loss of memory

  1. Steven Sawyer says:

    Judi, bless your heart. I have had to reset my computer several times back to its default factory settings. I had my son’s guidance (he’s a network engineer and Internet guru) so I had him to count on. I did get my computer back. The most aggravation was re-installing all the important applications I use regularly. The email address and important docs were still available on my backup, but it was a real pain doing it all. It took me a couple of weeks after the reset to factory settings before I was back to where I wanted to be. Ugh. I will pray for you.In the mean time. Have heart. It is a painstaking process, but it does work. Good luck. Very blessed thoughts about your pastor friend, Richman. He sounds like a wonderful pastor.
    Thanks for sharing.

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