common good

Many talks lately are about COMMUNITY. I am frequently thinking – Come In Unity.

It’s not surprising we have different ideas of what community means.

How many communities are you a part of?

You could have a different community for where you live, worship, work, learn, shop, play, exercise and talk. Exclusive communities for all of these things are often more of a COMMUNE. To my mind that is a bit selfish (Come U & ME) because it doesn’t usually benefit those outside of it.

Some lyrics that keep coming to mind.

For the sake of the world
Burn like a fire in me
Light a flame in my soul
For every eye to see…

Which leads me to think – Go into the WHOLE world and make disciples.

Sometimes our world is a block away, the restaurant, school or another country. Maybe the world comes to you.

His Word does not say, be comfortable and safe.

It says, “Follow Me.”


7 thoughts on “common good

  1. Thanks Judi for the great reminder – sometimes I get so busy taking care of my business I forget about the Lord’s business
    I know where my heart and actions should be!
    God Bless

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