some stray photos

The four of us who traveled to Haiti got together to share photos and some time. It was rich. We had a few names for our old lady group but I’ll let you come up with some for us. Ages 49-60, one was leading Zumba!

Thank you Lord that we are never too old to do amazing things for You!

We saw the rain coming across the mountains. I was ready to stay close to the house but others said, “Let’s go!” So I experienced some of Bassin Bleu. A beautiful day to jump in!

Jump Claudia!!!

On my first trip, Paul cautioned me about the cows (bef), he had just lost a friend to some of those horns. I still have a little bit of rebel in me so from what seems a safe distance, I like to get a photo. Part of cultural awareness and respect is definitely listening to the local advice. If the Haitians are not swimming that day…you might not want to – there could be undertow, a hurricane coming your way or …. other things.

A large part of the respect I have learned over the years is in taking and sharing photos of others. Taking tons of photos of people that do not give permission isn’t very respectful. I try to ask permission and limit sharing without it. I unfortunately have heard of many exploiting with photos so I strive to be sensitive there too. Five years ago, this little one was barely moving around. Now as part of Nouvel Etwal [New Stars] she and others are sharing the gift of dance. Showing such grace – we all took mini movies.

Thank you for sharing the beauty of your talents dear friends!

Moving forward – as the snow comes and I’d rather reflect on warm weather and palm trees I know being in motion is where God leads me in next steps. I may be a bit sparse here but will return to my 150 word posts while I work on some other writing too.

Thank you for prayers, encouragement and walking with me in so many ways. Have a beautiful weekend.


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