food for thought

Thank you Steven at Words To Love by blog for this award.
Food for Thought is DEFINITELY what I share here – something to chew on. Along with some eye candy and NO calories!

You might be disappointed or like a few fellow bloggers delighted that I don’t do too much of the norm with awards.

I usually share more than 7 verses in a week so I’ll let regular blogging take care of that and nominating others….I don’t like to exclude so please see the updated blog links to the side. Click a few and find some that fit your reading style.

Variety is a great spice of life! Thank you Lord that we are ALL made in Your image and yet each so unique!


2 thoughts on “food for thought

  1. Steven S. Walsky says:

    You are very welcome, and the best response to an award is a ‘thank you’. You not only post daily verses, but share your faith and kindness on mission trips; that is a most wonderful thank you. Steve

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