free – today only

I hope the post title enticed you – it may not have but please read further!

Jeri Howe is the Host, Moderator, Executive Producer of Survival Skills for Everyday Living where I had a fabulous time in some round-table discussion on INSPIRATION. You can listen to the four episodes online here.

She has written what she calls “My medieval fantasy novel with spiritual themes.” Offering a FREE Kindle download this week – just click.

“So, the first lesson is that, even though the cost was dear, the Almighty One was pleased to adopt you as his daughter and to make you a co-heir with his son.”
The butter knife fell from her hand, and her full mouth hung open. “What….What do you mean?”
Kamea by Jeri Howe pg 22

I haven’t finished but it’s so filled with action, what I would call allegory and so far – suspense…I must go continue! I find so many “spiritual” stories brought together here and love the endnotes that share the references – FREE KINDLE for you this week…not sure when the week ends so check it out.


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