bless the prayer closets

forest jewel IAndrew Murray shares a prayer at the end of each Chapter/Lesson in With Christ in the School of Prayer

A portion for you today….

“Lord! Hear me as I pray that You would bless the prayer closets of Your believing people everywhere. Let Your wonderful revelation of the Father’s tenderness free all Christians from the thought that prayer is a burden, and lead them to regard it as the highest privilege of their lives – a joy and a blessing. Bring back everyone who is discouraged because they cannot find You in prayer. Make them understand that all they have to do is to go to You with their emptiness, because You have everything to give, and You delight in doing it. Let their one thought be not what they have to take to the Father, but what the Father waits to give them.
“Especially bless the inner chamber of all Your servants who are working for You as the place where God’s truth and God’s grace is revealed to them. Let them be anointed there with fresh oil daily. Let it be there that their strength is renewed and they receive in faith the blessings with which they are to bless their fellow-men. Lord, draw us all closer to You and the Father in prayer. Amen.”

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