can you imagine

Mural in Haiti - 2009

Mural in Haiti – 2009

Do you remember any of your childhood dreams like dancing on the moon or the infamous leaping buildings in a single bound….

I’m hearing more talk about living those dreams and some definitely require supernatural feats!

Art was one of mine that I had securely locked away. Several new ones had replaced it. It was as if He told me to put my current dreams on hold to revisit that childhood one. I can see more of His plan now after seeking His ways before my own.

Are you willing to revisit those dreams?

Ask Him what might still be locked away.

I remember clearly praying and asking Him if there were closets I had not yet turned over to Him. You might be surprised how much He was leading and listening all those years ago.

From Andrew Murray’s With Christ in the School of Prayer

“It honors God that I have such confidence in saying what I desire is indeed acceptable to Him. At first sight, our hearts shrink from the expression. We feel neither the liberty nor the power to speak in such a manner. But grace will most assuredly be given to each one who loses his will in his Lord’s. Whoever gives up his will entirely will find it again renewed and strengthened with a Divine strength.”


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