love from Colombia

av02Happy Valentine’s day –
this year will certainly be remembered differently. Two of my “kids” from around the world were part of sending love.

At women’s group, someone mentioned Medellin, Colombia and I thought of my exchange student Cristina who lives there.

av03Then in my mail was a letter from my Compassion sponsored child in another area of Colombia.

Juan Camilo’s letter is dated November and said they just celebrated their day of love and friendship. I wrote back to him the special part of his letter arriving on our day of love. With a normal two month delay – gracias a Dios – que es muy especial. Photo is with his twin sister Maria.

av01An hour later my phone rings and it is Cristina who is in Miami and called to say hello. On my last visit with her in 2010 (photo left) we got to meet Juan Camilo for the first time. His letter asked when I would come again…so did Cristina.

So for my “hut” time – I’m transporting myself to Colombia…where I did actually stay in a open air, jungle hut like pictured above. God’s sense of humor is very good! I found some great treasures so I’ll share more next week.

Virtual vacations can be refreshing whether you have traveled there or not. Where might yours be?


8 thoughts on “love from Colombia

  1. Sponsoring Compassion kids is so rewarding; one of the girls we sponsored recently graduated out of the program and the other will graduate soon too. We’re definitely going to start over with other kids.

  2. I had another boy I did get to meet who is now graduated. I don’t think I will ever quit sponsoring. It is beautiful to share with them. Do you use the online letters? A very easy way to send encouragement, prayers and they LOVE sponsor notes – like waiting in the candy store. Bless you for sharing love that way!

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