in the jungle

Studying other cultures isn’t the same as being immersed in them.
Studying anything can’t compare to experiencing it.

I read about Rio Claro before the trip. It sounded like a great weekend adventure to sleep in an open “hut” above the river and go for a hike. Not all the guide said was translated or I would have saved my young friends from having me as an anchor on the two hour hike up to the caves. We would shine our flashlight in the darkness and come to a water pool in the caves….jump in and climb out. I don’t recall how many pools until light could be seen at the end of the tunnel. Once down the rope ladder and across the rushing river and I knew I had just completed something I never would have done……

Many biblical analogies I could share but let’s just say knowing God’s Word and what faith means is not the same as living it out. If WE have it all planned out – is it God’s plan? He usually translates as needed.


17 thoughts on “in the jungle

  1. Beautiful pictures and the zinger at the end is right on! I am experiencing my own “walk up into the caves” right now and while it is not all I expected God is faithful to translate as I go and to support me as I need. Thanks for this!

    • I have a good friend who is a Christian counselor. He says: “Head, heart, gut”…that we can know things on those three levels. When what we believe reaches the deepest places, it changes us…renewing our minds, cutting out wrong attitudes and helping His word live through us (Heb. 4:12). Praise God for His Spirit and His word that wash us and “regenerate” us (Titus 3:5)!! Hallelujah!!

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