back to the farm

Before the jungle I was at the farm. “La Finca” used to be a place of coffee, now its about beef. Better business from Adolfo’s standpoint. He loved the jerky I brought down and wanted to start making it. He is an engineer and storyteller. Such history to this farm.

I remember my first visit…
“When you close the door, don’t open for anyone.”
“If there is commotion, go through this (inner hallway) down to our room.”

My friend and I were instilled with a bit of fear but still dared to sneak out for a walk. That is another story.

I knew I had a few days here and brought some watercolors. It was heavenly to watch the birds, stare off into the rolling farms, and listen to the musical language of God in this country. Don Juan (uncle Juan) mi favorito!

Thank you Lord that you show us places, memories and moments where we can find Your peace. Help us to hang on to those.


5 thoughts on “back to the farm

  1. Beverly says:

    I didn’t realize in the flower picture that there was a humming bird. When I enlarged it, voila! It reminds me that in God’s creation there is beauty even beyond what we don’t notice at first. Lesson for life…. thank Jude:)

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