by the spirit

sample webMaybe when I was a young child I imagined creating lots of art but I put that aside so long ago I’m shocked as I think about what the last few years have shown me. To return to college for a business degree then become an artist? Where is the logic? What do I do with my business experience?

I have been enjoying Laurie Beth Jones books about doing business and life God’s way. In Jesus, Entrepreneur Laurie writes,

“Things don’t often turn out as planned – particularly in the world of the spiritreneur. Any spiritreneur you talk to could regale you with story after story of how they started out going in one direction, which seemed so sure, and ended up in entirely unfamiliar territory, even though they were praying the whole way.

“I’ve laughingly shared with many friends my belief that God uses bait to get us hooked and then drags us where we’re supposed to be,”

How often do you second guess your direction?
Do you see your outrageous dreams and goals calling you?

The Israelites did have to wander and backtrack but His plan for them did come to be.

Keeping walking in faith…not by sight. Faith sees much further!


15 thoughts on “by the spirit

    • I go through phases of looking through those black and white glasses….I have to remind myself of the beauty, possibilities, and peace the faith glasses bring. Bless you!!

  1. “I’ve laughingly shared with many friends my belief that God uses bait to get us hooked and then drags us where we’re supposed to be,”- love this Judi… this is how I feel about so much in my life!
    Thank you for encouraging and sharing the heart of God today!
    Blessings- Nancy

    • I haven’t written too much on the many days of dragging while I was kicking and screaming. That might care too many :O) but I can definitely relate to Jacob’s wrestling. He has SO MUCH in store for your eager heart sister. I’m excited for you! It is a dance…step forward….back….forward….side. Shake a little and step again.

  2. Love this post Judi!!! Thanks for sharing and I’m going to read Laurie Beth Jones books!!! Love all your art displayed together above too!!! Praise God for leading you to share your gift of artistry and your love and compassion through your missionary work.

    • I must confess – I am missing innovative office Cherri. I am heading back toward business with such a new mind and thought process I’m more excited to see what He has in store. Bless you and thank you for commenting.

  3. Caddo Veil says:

    I love, love, love, love, love this! I’ve been 2nd-guessing for over a year–but last week got the word to get back after that “outrageous dream/goal”. Am I excited? YES!!!! God bless you BIG–love, sis Caddo

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