safe in the nest

bunny2After flooding rains, marathon bombs and more going on all around us, staying locked in our houses may seem the safest place to be. Not always.

In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, Lord, make me dwell in safety. Psalm 4:8

We finally had some sun and warmth Sunday so I was looking to see what the yard would need. I had noticed what looked like another duck nest by my door. Upon lifting a little, I discovered these tiny bunnies.

Eating my plants isn’t good but they are so cute. One ran scared, barely knowing it’s legs. I tried to coax it back. It didn’t work.

bunny1Once it traveled the driveway, I decided to pick up and place in the nest. I’m not sure if human smells on them gets them ostracized but I hope not. I held it close and it seemed to calm. Like us many times…just being held. I placed it back and covered them again…all seemed well.

I hope their mama is like our Heavenly Papa – always ready and welcoming us back to the family.

Scattered posts from me for a time. All is well and mom is doing good with treatments so thank you for prayers!


3 thoughts on “safe in the nest

    • Thank you Debby. Some of the not great feelings started this weekend but got to share some time with her tonight vs times for appointments. That was very good.

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