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The Dock

The Dock

Are you response-able or re-actionary?

Do people frequently repeat what they were saying because you didn’t seem to hear them OR they just thought you didn’t…but you really did.

I have what seems a selective memory. I could blame it on age or my previous years with seizures but I just don’t catch everything the first time. Actually if you were to research – none of us do. We really need to hear a message multiple times…not just two…before it sinks in. One reason I like to write or type out things, it triggers the other corners of the brain and helps it stick.

I LOVE when I have repeat message from prayer. A friend in California emailed, “….how to pray and respond. It is our Response-Ability!”

Then reading Covey…

“In developing our own self-awareness many of us discover ineffective scripts, deeply embedded habits that are totally unworthy of us, totally incongruent with the things we really value in life. Habit 2 says we don’t have to live with those scripts. We are “response-able” to use our imagination and creativity to write new ones that are more effective, more congruent with our deepest values and with the correct principles that give our values meaning.”

The words and time were totally God as I was evaluating some of my “reactions” lately. So I am choosing the ability to respond in line with one of my values of loving people well – no matter how they treat me or what reactions seem to rise from the steam.

Are you response-able or re-actionary?


4 thoughts on “repeat repeat

  1. Gary Miltner says:

    Apparently we were moving in concert. My first impression for my cover picture was the one I have now but I didn’t listen to my “response”. Your beautiful piece and peace confirmed my choice in my minds eye. I returned to this one. Our God is awesome.

  2. Sadly, I’m often re-actionary. I praise God that He can, will and IS changing me!

    Lord, thank you for Judi and what you are sharing with her. Thank you for her willingness to be your trustworthy messenger and share with us! Please make me more response-able…able to respond and relate in love. Let all my responses and reactions be compelled by your love! Take out wrong thoughts, patterns and attitudes and replace them with yours. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

    • I seem to like “stew”…and to problem solve when nobody asks me to. Yes Lord,renew our minds moment by moment so we are carrying Your reactions and responses wherever we go!

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