you have a message

Do you feel you have a message to share with the world?

I feel you do.

You might think the “world” is too big of an audience and I know most business and marketing plans want to find our focus group, target market, or preferred customer base.

Do you think we limit ourselves too often?
Or in the name of humility, hold back too much?

This blog WAS to share about work being done in Haiti, Guatemala, and sharing my art. So much changed in my life after leaving the corporate world, I wanted to share some of the process.

Then I stopped. I felt uncomfortable doing such a “public” thing and went back to my personal journal.

A writing conference challenged me that WE ALL have a story we NEED to share. GREAT fellow bloggers continue to move me forward. I thank you ALL for that!

Reminds me of a song they share in Guatemala – I hope you will sing, write, paint, or whatever God is calling you to do…until the whole world hears.

The world needs the message you have to share!


9 thoughts on “you have a message

  1. Don’t you enjoy and appreciate the variety of ways our stories are shared? I love that! Thanks, Judi for these words of encouragement to everyone.

    • I do! Much of the poetry out here is inspiring me to do that again too. It also helps me to appreciate that we are not all supposed to travel the same road…working together though – we do reach the world! Bless you Debby for all the encouraging you do too! big HUGS!

  2. Thanks, Judi. You really spur me on with your encouragement…It’s so easy to shrink back and fade out. Lord, help me to rise up and stand firm on you, moving forward in love and transparency as you call me – for YOUR glory! Help us all!! Let your love be shared and your story told THROUGH US! In Jesus’ name. Amen.

    • I grew up with the eye for an eye mentality. It didn’t work to well and left too many scars and most were on myself. Encouragement is definitely what I prefer. Breaks down so many barriers. Blessings to you dear Richard!!

  3. Thank you for this encouragement. I’m new to Blogtopia. I arrived believing that it’s time for me to share all that Jesus has done in and through me.

    Some days doubt looms large.

    Like a glorious sunrise, illuminating the landscape, here is your beautiful message drawing me to continue: “This is the way, walk in it.”

    Please accept my heartfelt gratitude.


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