facts is facts

marigoldsI’m still hanging in the garden. As a household of 1 plus 2 cats, I don’t normally go through a lot of food. I definitely used to buy a lot, but too much went straight to the dumpster. Life is changing as I learn more on growing food and recycling for compost. Yup – I’m transforming cultures!

Fact – marigolds don’t stop bunnies from eating plants
Do you think you have your security (marigolds) all figured out and nothing can get in your way?

Fact – moles are not the only ones making tunnels in the yard Maybe things are going wrong and you know exactly what the problem (mole) is? Maybe not.

Fact – even if others don’t see the weeds, I know where they are How many times do you belittle yourself (weeds) when others try to point out the good in you?

Fact is – gardens can transform cultures.

Gardening gives one back a sense of proportion about everything – except itself. May Sarton, Plant Dreaming Deep, 1968


7 thoughts on “facts is facts

  1. I have always been drawn to the lessons of gardening and in my “dream” persona I garden. But my real life is more likely to kill the plants so we put them on the porch to give them a fighting chance. I may not be good at the actual gardening but the lessons from it still ring true. Thanks for sharing your findings. I’m living vicariously through your gardening season. 😉

    • Nature speaks loudly when we listen…even if we aren’t playing in the dirt 😀 I don’t have “luck” with houseplants – they are a different thing all together.

  2. Steven Sawyer says:

    I have just begun working in my yard and planting flowers for the first summer in three years. I had open heart surgery and didn’t work the year before and for two years after. If you need more weeds our yard is full of them. It will probably take me three years to regroup and have a decent yard again. Like you, Judi, I know where every weed is in my yard too, I’ve even given them names :>). I’ll be so grateful when they’re all gone again.. I can’t work out there now because my allergies are terrible this year, as are everyone else’s. But I love gardening and working in the dirt and planting and watching things grow. Thanks for sharing. You brighten my day with each of your posts.

  3. I’ve had some seasons like that too Steven. Thankfully there is always another season when we can get back to it. I hope your gardening this year brings NEW joy to your heart and health. Bless you for your presence in blog world!!

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