celebration of freedom


What is FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE to you?
Ability to choose?
No restrictions?

I was eavesdropping on the birds talking to each other in the high branches the other day. They were celebrating the simplicity of their lives to soar, sing, and snack – wherever and whenever they wanted.

That sounded pretty free to me!

We all have different ideas of freedom. What I thought was freedom long ago was bondage to hidden lies. Addictions were robbing me, not freeing me. I believed the lie that Jesus was about a rule book without freedom. I’m thankful He kept offering his gift of grace. He brings true freedom from having to hide in alcohol, false relationships, and lies.

I have decided
to follow Jesus
No turning back – no turning back

Though I may wonder
Still I will follow
No turning back – no turning back

The cross before me
The world behind me
No turning back – No turning back


6 thoughts on “celebration of freedom

  1. Awesome, Judi! Thanks for the reminder of what true freedom is. I too was once bound by alcohol, but Christ freed me almost 30 years ago and I’ve never had a desire to even take a sip.

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