moms update

Thank you all for the prayers for mom and the family. She’s been doing well after her not so good hospital stay. They decided she would probably end up in the hospital again if she continued with the last week of radiation and chemo. Instead, she got back on her feet for the last month.

Tomorrow (Monday, July 8) is surgery day in the morning. There will be some time for recovery and we assume they will want to do chemo after a time of healing. We know it is probably 3 more months or more to this cancer free story.

Thank you again for all the prayers.
If interested in more updates you can go to , create an account and look up DianeSolCare for Diane Solomon.


13 thoughts on “moms update

  1. Lord, I lift up Diane to you. Please keep her safe under your wing as she has surgery tomorrow. Work through the doctors to bring healing and get out ALL of the cancer in her body. Bring your complete healing, Jesus! Please also carry and comfort Judi and all of Diane’s loved ones. Hold them close and bring them safely to the other side. In your name, Jesus, and for your glory! Amen.

  2. I’ll pray tonight and Heidi will be praying tomorrow for your Mom’s surgery (that’s the perk of having friends who share a 24 hour shift – we can pray around the clock!)
    Sending you much love tonight and many prayers.

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