creating a sweet retreat

"Sweet Retreat" Oil on canvas 16x20

“Sweet Retreat” Oil on canvas 16×20

For several years my kitchen has been my studio. A big room with great lighting. I would get so engrossed in painting I didn’t hear the refrigerator calling my name.

Bookkeeping had taken over. I miss having paint out and work in progress where I can spend 15 minutes or 5 hours.

It’s time for a studio move.

As I sort and re-organize, several paintings need new homes. I’ll share some here in the coming weeks at reduced prices.

Sweet Retreat was done on a break from kayaking on the waters off Sugar Island. We were island hopping and didn’t know if we were on Canadian soil or still in Michigan. Very peaceful and refreshing. A beautiful time at a rustic cabin. A ferry ride away from the rest of the world. Wonderful unless you get a flat tire.

Jesus said to them, `Come away with me. Let us go alone to a quiet place and rest for a while.’ Mark 6:31

Paintings always have more of a story to the artist and to those who view them.

What is it saying to you?



8 thoughts on “creating a sweet retreat

  1. Gary Miltner says:

    What was once a place of great activity where children splashed and jumped from a dock is gone. Where the boat often landed ashore enough to carve the tall grasses into submission still leaves a lasting impression.
    The “Rock” on shore still holds a vigil and a place for retreat.

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