natures lessons

down I was able to sneak in a little paddling the past week and found nature sharing wonderful messages of encouragement.

Fallen trees that are tenacious and continue to grow with branches changing course to reach the sun.

-We often want to give up when there are so many opportunities for us to continue to grow and flourish.

Turtles taking times of rest to seek the warmth on whatever object they find.

-We don’t need everything to be perfect but to find rest, peace and joy in each day that we have.

floatingWater moving in the boundaries set before it, sometimes making new paths that never seemed planned.

-So much changes around us and we often try too hard to keep it the same. New places could be even better than the old.

Many winged creatures sharing the wonder of soaring the skies. Eagle, osprey and heron seeking food, shelter and safety.

-Several minutes of awe as we watched the eagle trying to take the catch the osprey held in flight. How often do we want what others have instead of the best that God has for us?

along the shore

(Premature posting before you finish writing is not always good!)

What lessons has nature been sharing with you?


7 thoughts on “natures lessons

  1. Beautiful post! I always feel close to the Lord surrounded by His creation. The biggest lesson for me is just the reminder that our loving and awesome God took such care to create the amazing wonders that surround us…certainly He knows better than I do and has me and my loved ones in His care!

  2. Love the statement about wanting what others have instead of being happy with what God gives you. I am struggling today with someone who always seems to want to interfere with what I have or what I am doing. I don’t seem to understand why they are not able to just go on their way and leave me to mine. Really hard to understand that. Perhaps I need to turn this one over to God, as my mother used to say. Thanks for making me take the time to think about it.

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