joys of journaling

Our Beach webDo you journal?
Maybe your blog is your journal.
Do you ever sequentially read your writings again?

The first time I decided to review my journal I had over 200 small margin and small font pages to print. Yes – single spaced and full. I went through with highlighters and was amazed at what I captured.

This has been my life? Really?

I had moved from 5 theme college ruled notebooks all handwritten to a typed journal because I can type with my eyes shut. If I’m facilitating Artist’s Way or Living God’s Dreams I would call that cheating since handwriting activates and engages more of our brain but I felt it a great progression for me.

I also knew I needed to start capturing more of what I was hearing from God. I believe it is the Holy Spirit who shares with me but I think of Father, Son and Spirit as ONE. I mark AHA moments, conquered mountains, answered prayer, and even the hurdles I haven’t dared to jump…..yet! It’s messy good!

I will share some of my process with you in the coming posts and if you have some great things you do – PLEASE feel free to share too.


3 thoughts on “joys of journaling

  1. Yes, quite frequently my journaling is done in the midst of writing blog posts … some make it to the blog … while others seem to be simply be for my benefit. Looking forward to hearing what you have to share about journaling. Hope and pray your mother’s reversal surgery went well and she is on the road to recovery!

    Be blessed IN Christ Jesus and His love!


  2. Your sharing Bernie has been such a help though mom’s journey. Her reversal went well. Her tummy and potassium are giving some issues. We trust HE will work all things out for good! Serving Him with you!

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