the juicy journal

xzest webHave you ever read biographies that are dry and filled with more facts than you ever wanted to know?

Do the stories of pain and triumph leave more of an impression?

Reading your own story may seem a bit self involved, too introspective or even scary. I know I have a few sections of mine I don’t want to read again but they are really the places that have benefited my life the most.

I consider my journal a safe place where I can be very open and honest with myself and with God. Some days I write from the heart and other times it’s those many repetitive and agonizing messages that want to scramble up my thought processes and I MUST GET THEM OUT —- then I can find peace again……ahhhhhhh

A journal is often like making fresh lemonade. You squeeze a lot to get the juice….then there is sweet refreshment.

Other days it’s just the trash container.

Are your writings more facts and actions or feelings and fiber?


4 thoughts on “the juicy journal

  1. Steven Sawyer says:

    Always enjoy reading It’s Not Really About Me. I wish I had started journaling at some point. Being a “journalist” for a living I write every day, so I guess when I’m gone folks who want to know what I was thinking will have to read my blog. I had a friend who began journaling every day when he was 14 and wrote something every day for 50 years. He let me read some of his years, the decades we were in school. It was fun. Wish I had thought of that. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Steve says:

    I disagree with “Other days it’s just the trash container.” From what you wrote, it is a always a recycling bin; where the acceptable thoughts are built on and transformed into even nicer thoughts, and the ‘could be better’ thoughts are reshaped over time by the strength and determination you exhibit into acceptable ones.

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