risk – reward

Ruffled Feathers - Available

Ruffled Feathers – Available

When I read the following quote, right away I was in agreement. Then some memories of where God has led me made me wonder…

Are you ready to say: “God, I don’t want anything to do with it if it’s not You. If it’s not You, if You’re not in, I’m not in. I don’t care to be involved in any lifeless, non-anointed dead works anymore in my life. What I want to do, I want to do with a flow and an ease and a power and God’s smile of approval on my life.” Joyce Meyer Ministries

Sometimes we do have to walk in the desert, get tossed in the fiery furnace, or face a giant.

I remember feeling VERY uncomfortable on that second plane heading from PAP to Jacmel. Why have you called me to Haiti God? I’m not equipped.

He was equipping me…

Our training grounds are not always filled with ease but they are preparing us for the more He has in store.

After all these things, this word of God came to Abram in a vision: “Don’t be afraid, Abram. I’m your shield. Your reward will be grand!” Genesis 15:1

And grand it is for all of us!


6 thoughts on “risk – reward

  1. If I’m honest, I’d say most of my preparation hasn’t come from the times of “ease”. Not at all. I am thankful he gives opportunity to look back, because it’s only then, I see his work on me. How often says, “Don’t be afraid” to us. Awesome!

    • Doing His will is my desire…and it’s not always easy. Tough spots often bring doubts – but listening to His voice/word is more important that listening to circumstances.

  2. Interesting quote. I have changed positions many times in life and have always felt that each one has prepared me for something I did in the future. Nothing is a real waste if we learn something from it to help us going forward.

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