joy in the journal

What kind of things do you put in your journal?

Belen - Segovia, Spain

Belen – Segovia, Spain

I still love to work things out on paper – notes, numbers, ideas, but my main journal is typed and filled with struggles, word pictures, and moments of laughter as messages unfold in ways never imagined.

I remember thinking God was so strict and boring. I’m happy to see what I thought was true – was not. He loves laughter!

Recently I was trying to explain my zero births but seven “kids.”

When I bought this house and was praying over the rooms, I had a message there would be kids. I laughed and told God it must be different owners. I told a friend I was wondering what to do with the “office.” She said, “I see kids in there.” I laughed again but confessed I heard that in prayer earlier.

Meet Belen – child number three. Wall decor done by Cristina – child number two. Refinished maple floors assisted by Travis – child number one. My return to art came with Maria – child number four.

The other three are through international sponsorships. Two of them I have met in person.

Children – definitely add a measure of joy!


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