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mind over matter

Do you find some days you wake up with an attitude?

Maybe it’s every Monday, the weather, or dentist. Most of us have things that trigger negative thoughts. It’s a free country so let’s voice them, right?

Recently I was feeling one of those patterns again. And I don’t like having them. I told the person I was with that I needed a time out. I think they thought it was them but it was me. I found 10 minutes with God and felt released. When I returned, I apologized and shared what was going on in my own mind. We had great conversation and it was gone. The atmosphere changed for the better.

How are you affecting the atmosphere around you?
Is it just our bad day when we carry it around others?

Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. Colossians 3:1-2

I’ve heard of others doing negativity fast’s. It’s making me more aware of what really matters to my mind and what I want to focus on. How about you?

5 thoughts on “mind over matter”

  1. For me I find negativity does not dwell in my heart. For me I find that negativity is from outside, the way I want things to be. For example: One of my son’s lives with me, I have to say we are not compatible as we clash in a number of ways (battle). I do not like being there, but yet I find myself in battle with him, which in turn effects my inner peace. Maybe I should say I am not in battle with the love he displays and the love I know that is in his heart, but am in battle with what I do not love. So where is the battle actually? Might it be in me? What I love and do not love. Cleaning still. In my stillness I love, this is me. Since my son has lived with me, he has changed and continues to change, one, he quit drinking. But while he changes I do too.

    1. Thanks for sharing Billie. Sometimes is those we love the most that bring that clash. Even when the negative things are not our normal, when we are around them, they affect us. I pray your time with your son will bring more good changes for you individually and together. Even Jesus had to grow in favor… that humbles me even more.

  2. Answering last week’s Share Your World questions, I was forced to admit to some hard truths about myself or skip that week’s questions altogether. I had to admit I am very unsatisfied with my life. I even went so far as telling my husband I hate my life. There are numerous things that are causing these feelings, most of which are out of my control; but like you, I do not like the patterns that emerge when things are not going well. I have been searching since for ways to combat the negative attitudes, and have to tell you I like your “walk away to talk to God” remedy. It is difficult for me to find any time alone these days, which adds to the negative, but I am going to attempt this strategy the next time something starts getting to me. Thanks Judi.

    1. You have me replaying some of my conversations with God. “I love to serve you Lord and will do whatever, wherever but this is not what I signed up for.” Somethings are learned the hard way.

      Seek first His kingdom Dru…He is the only real peace we will find in our roller coaster world.

      Father, we thank you for Dru’s honesty and insight. We pray You will show her more of your kingdom love and dreams so she can see the beauty You have in her life now and want for the days to come.

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