limited vision

This is not just a vision test…

Cover one eye – look at your surroundings.

What is the main difference seeing with only one eye?

Unless you have some other unique thing – the main difference is a limited field of vision. The scenery doesn’t change it is just how much of it you see.

Now cover half of your brain –

Did you find that a little difficult?

What is the main difference if using one side of your brain?

Our sight is very similar to our brain – logic vs creative, knowledge vs revelation.

We have gotten very used to using the grown-up, rational, and responsible part of our brain so we can be serious and conscientious people. But God created us ALL with a right brain too – a creative side. A place of dreams, passions, and innovative ideas. Unfortunately we often outgrow.

Maybe it’s time for some change.



17 thoughts on “limited vision

  1. Oh this is very good Judi. I am convinced that it is the creative side that we need most for the days ahead. We need to begin to approach the world as children again in order to ferret our way through the convoluted pathway that has become our world.

  2. I participated in a streaming seminar not long ago discussing brain activity during creative sessions. This was not part of the lecture, but the speaker’s research ultimately showed the same portion of our brains that light up when we are being creative are active when we pray. Like a son imitates his father, created beings are creative by nature. Limiting creativity requires more intentional effort than letting it flow.

    • Many great studies that explain what seemed unexplainable. I have also heard that and feel it’s the main reason He brought be back to the art and writing I loved long ago. Keep flowing Plasso!!!

  3. Steven Sawyer says:

    Reblogged this on For His Glory and commented:
    Judi reminds us of the beautiful and passionate right side of our brains and its wonderful capacity to enjoy and express God’s creativity through us.

    • Thanks for sharing further Steven. I believe it is also where we hear and understand Him better. So often our logic is like Samuel’s at first…it must be Eli, this voice can’t be God.

      • Steven Sawyer says:

        And often, for me, it’s difficult for me to get past
        Eli’s voice. It is so much more appealing and requires less effort and commitment than listening to God’s voice.

      • Steven Sawyer says:

        I know. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I am awed by most all your art work. God has really gifted you with the ability to express Him through your brushes. The descriptive, “mellow” comes to mind when I peruse your art work. I really like to come to your site and just look every once in awhile. It is all truly a blessing for me..

      • Steven Sawyer says:

        I’ll be back there soon. I don’t think I’ve ever told you also how much I enjoy your mission adventure posts and the mission you are on. What a huge commitment to serving God. Hope we can chat again soon. I’d love to know more about your missionary work.

      • Steven Sawyer says:

        I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned to you as well how much I enjoy reading about your missionary work. What an awesome work for the Lord and what a huge life commitment to serving Jesus. I will be back soon then maybe we can chat some more.

  4. Love it. Its a logically beautiful, passionately ordered post. πŸ™‚ Love the picture too. Some creative reasoning from Mercedes Benz. What we could do with both sides of our brain working! Blessings.

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