Have you ever climbed a pyramid?

The angle is steep, the steps are slim, and there is no hand rail. I was thankful the one in Mexico was an excavated site and a hill alongside allowed a gentle walk down. Imagine all these being been built without machinery.

I was pretty naive when I told God I would follow wherever He led. Some may think I still am, but I feel like Peter, “Jesus, where would I go? You have the words of life. I’m committed and confident that you are the Way, the Truth and the Life.” John 6:68, John 14:6

I’m not in a distant country as I imagined since that Mexico trip in 2000, but even here, some steps seem treacherous, the safety net is invisible, and I often wonder if I’m even climbing the right mountain.

My faith is in you Lord and I trust Your beautiful imagination is designing something incredible!


2 thoughts on “pyramids

  1. I read that passage in John 6 just this morning. Yes, Lord! You are the Holy One of God – the ONLY One to go to. We love you and trust you. Lead us, Holy Spirit!

    Beautiful post, friend. Thank you.

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