make time count

I did not imagine I would find a “hut” of my own to photo when I chose this blog theme. The photo revisited above was just a picture that helped one imagine a place of peace and rest. I’m thankful I have learned more of how to carry peace and rest inside no matter where I might be.

Last week mom and I arrived in Hawaii to visit my brother. When he returned for an extended stay the end of 2013, mom and I jokingly talked of coming to visit him. I’m glad God likes to see many of our dreams come true…even if the timing is not what we imagine.

We ARE in Hawaii! Scott is showing us great sites and stretching us to explore more than any normal tourist would. A few parts to this wonderful day included finding turtles, more amazing birds, pizza and brews after another early sunset…yesterday’s sunset was at 13,796 ft on Mauna Kea with snow.

Less time to post means more great memories!!


2 thoughts on “make time count

    • Thanks Nat – it has been good to do this traveling with mom. Too few and far between to see my brother for more than a weekend. Blessings and lots of fun memories.

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