where is home

wheres your focusThat good ole saying, “Home is where your heart is.”

Maybe my grandma knew something more when she wrote the poem for me called “Gypsy”.

I was reading about the dreams and hopes of HAPI – Haitian Artisans for Peace Intl. I miss my friends there. Seeing the progress in business and community development from it’s beginning in 2007. I’m in awe! And also missing the simplicity when they were without electric or running water. They showed us what help looked like to them and it’s making an amazing difference.

Years ago a God message was “Latin America”…and I’ve seen a bit of it. I had assumed it would be a landing place.

As I plan for our group to Guatemala, I’m excited to return. To experience more of God’s wonderful work there as people find hope in Jesus, love in growing relationships with Paradise Bound Ministries, and restored health through medical clinics. And the growing little ones! What a joy those children bring!

Even with volcanic action, earthquakes, and tropical storms – it’s the people who make these places filled with beauty.

Holland, MI is coming to life again with tulips, spring blossoms, and longer sunshine days. Where I call home, a friend dubbed an “artist’s cottage” before I was one. Do you think she and grandma talked?

Hawaii – heavenly to be sure. I do seem to love islands!

But home…it’s not in a place – it’s “He” who is in me. Thank you Jesus!

Back to time with my Lord to see where He will lead next…


2 thoughts on “where is home

  1. Had to smile when I read the title as I just finished email a friend about something in this theme. I think I need to accept the reason I feel unsettled, even in a place this is home to us, is because the real home isn’t here and is yet to come. It’s a tension I live with and need to acknowledge. Thanks for the reminder Jude!

    1. And I was talking with a friend about how life is a “tension” too. Be in this world and not of it comes to mind. Tension isn’t always bad – it’s what’s needed for a springboard too! Bless you in ALL He brings you too Debby!

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