$50,000 Challenge Grant

Some of the great new things happening for my friends Dan & Heidi Smith in Guatemala.

PBM Mission Aviation

 $50,000 Challenge Grant

CH-801 Model Those that make at least a $250 investment in Paradise Bounds mission aviation calling will receive a hand crafted wooden model of a CH-801 or C182 aircraft. This will serve you as a reminder of how our Lord has called us into mission aviation, and how His message of eternal salvation is being delivered through aircraft like this to the lost and dying in Guatemala, with the help of your gift!

“…you make the clouds your chariot you ride on the wings of the wind you make the winds your messengers…”
From Psalms 104: 3 & 4

We continue to be overjoyed in the doors that our Lord is opening within Aviation Ministry!  Continue in PRAYER with us as we seek HIS precious face and council!
We want to remind you of the $50,000 Challenge Grant before us ALL.  Gifts, from your heart, of any amount are…

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