where did summer go

grilled veggies

grilled veggies

There are seasons of life that seem to rush by like a mighty wind. I’m never ready for summer to end.

The cats are missing the porch and I’m thinking of some of the great moments of the past months as I organize photos. It was a summer of laughter, house projects, garden thinning, old friends, new friends, some consulting, and extra office and grilling projects for “my plumber”.

Some days thinking I didn’t accomplish much and wondering if I missed anything important. God is definitely showing me I don’t see or know all the impact, but He certainly does. Hearing His “good job” is the best part of it all.

improvised vase

improvised vase

He’s shown me a lot of extra joy in people this summer through travel to Guatemala, time at the beach, meals in the garden, various house guests, and some extra special gatherings for prayer.

As I get back to blogging, I’ll share a few of these great people I’m getting to know.


10 thoughts on “where did summer go

  1. I was thinking the same thing – what happened to summer? As you know, it’s always summer here πŸ˜‰ And your improvised vase is lovely! I need to email you soon. ❀

    • PLEASE keep sharing your beach days Debby… Mom is already counting on a return to Hawaii (sorry FL – we enjoyed but my brother makes Hawaii a better place for sun and surf!)

      The vase made Marge laugh so hard I’ve repeated a few times. You’ll meet her in a couple days!

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