home work

It can be great working from home…
No travel time
Casual dress
You get to decide break time

Hard parts of working at home…
Days don’t always end at 5
Not much chatting
Cats like kids want attention

IMG_0449Last week seemed to be an extra needy week for the cats…
Along with seeking the the cushion of the spreadsheets I was working on, Symi wanted the heat of the computer fan and Calli wanted my hand to pet her instead of the mouse.

We ALL have distractions that try to get our attention. It’s a matter of recognizing what tries to divert our attention and then NOT letting it!


In the cats case, a minute of holding too close and they are ready to jump away.

Stand firm, and you will win life. Luke 21:19


6 thoughts on “home work

  1. Love your cats! I get the same distractions on my home computer. Even when I sit at my desk to write, they lay all over the page of my notebook or whatever. One time I was journaling and I wrote around my cat because he was cute and in the way.

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