mutual trust

TRUST - encaustic

TRUST – encaustic

We often say, “I trust God.”

I was thinking, “Can God trust us?”

I thought of Jesus after his baptism, the Spirit comes on Him, God proclaims, “This is my Son, in whom I am WELL pleased!” He hadn’t even done anything yet…

God is pleased but Jesus is brought to the wilderness for 40 days. That doesn’t seem to fit the picture does it?

Why wasn’t He put in a Kings chair in a palace?

Jesus was of God and of Man and yet He was “tested”. Do you think God was wondering if the “man” in him would want the power and control the deceiver was tempting Him with? God knows all… why test?

But here we are, made NEW by Jesus’ blood with His Spirit in us….do we require a test, a wilderness?

I felt it needs to be mutual. He tests us before He places us. A God placement agency… We may evaluate the tests one way but He is the one who knows the right answers, our final grade, and the positions He can trust us with. Not trusting our skills or knowledge – but our heart, our focus…


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