your hand

A few years ago I was showing up to a blank page as part of my morning devotions. Not with pen, but with a paint brush to see how God would guide my hand. After doing this for two weeks, my final paint sketch was a hand. As that came to the paper, I knew I was to do some paintings of hands.

closed hand

closed hand

A closed hand,
not open to receiving.
A tight fist,
not ready for giving.
Fingers clenched,
holding in anger.
Tensed and tight,
seeking to control.

Even if we are trying to protect a treasure, we should hold it loosely.

I saw a beautiful drawing today of a small child with a little bear who didn’t want to release it to Jesus who was next to her. Behind His back was a bigger bear He wanted to bless her with.

How do your hands look?


4 thoughts on “your hand

  1. Hands have always spoken to me too. I took a couple of photo’s of mama’s hands on my last visit. They are special to me as they tell a quiet story. Mine is closed too often.

    • I am more “aware” since these paintings but still learning to be a good receiver even if they are open…
      I used to sit in meetings and study hands around the table…that was even before creative days.

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