best shot

2007 in Haiti

2007 in Haiti

Friday was a dental appointment. Not a big deal to me. I love clean teeth and have been going there almost 40 years. They are like family.

The background music that day was older rock and brought some memories to both my technician and myself. (not old…just seasoned!)

She questioned my spurts of laughter while hands were in my mouth. One was while the dentist was poking at the tooth he feels needs a crown, I was thinking, “You break it, you buy it!” I didn’t say that to him but shared with her later for a good laugh. (and I thought my comedian days were done!)

Next was hearing Pat Benetar, Hit me with Your Best Shot remembering the lyrics to come that “I’m a real tough cookie”, laughing again. The lyrics have stayed with me as prayer.

NO weapon formed against me will prosper. I am a daughter of the King and I know the battle is not against things of this world…and my weapons are mighty, to break down ALL strongholds the enemy tries to use against me.

So go ahead – hit me but I AM more than a conqueror through Christ!!!


2 thoughts on “best shot

  1. I spent a couple of hours in the dentist chair last week too. Their music not as familiar but I’m thankful the volume was a level it wasn’t distracting. My visit went from a hopeful filling to a no, you need a crown. So back I’ll be in another week. Maybe I should use this experience like you do because the dentist chair has definitely prepared me for words I don’t want to hear, prices that are head-shaking at best but a reminder of thanks to all God provides and his forever care. xo

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