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be still

STOP one way
one way
How often are you still?

It is not a normal pattern for our culture or our brains. We seem to thrive on time management, figuring it all out, AND having the perfect “human” answer.

Be still and know that I am God…
Psalm 46:10a NIV

Stillness isn’t something we do – it is a big STOP sign we need to actually obey.
Brain STOP

A recent message from God to me about stillness…

I seem to keep finding reasons to avoid stillness. What is keeping me from that Lord?

You think it is useless but it is not, it is your most valuable weapon.

Surrender your anxiety!
Be silent and stop your striving
And you will see that I am God…
Psalm 46:10a TPT

Are you ready to try it His way?

2 thoughts on “be still”

  1. Judi – This has been the truth of my sojourn in Texas. After all my years of semi-frenetic activity, I’ve had four desert years of stillness and have found them to be sweet. Lovely post!

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