faith moments

Glory Filled
Glory Filled

It’s a great day when you can see how all things will work out well.

How many days do you really experience that?

Do we fully recognize how much faith our daily life needs and maybe more importantly, what or who our faith is in?

What might your faith moments be in a day….

Usually when you go to sleep you have faith you’ll wake up.
Then there’s putting one foot in front of the other and trusting you can walk. 
Even eating we use faith our body will process it all.
Driving, memory, speaking, learning…

Those may seem simplistic but I think we are so used to faith in ourselves, our learning and our capabilities, we push God to the side until some desperate time arrives.

Think about faith as you go through a day…one of the ways God is challenging me lately. I think this will be a very interesting section of my journal and journey.


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